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A Parents Story - Plagiocephaly Journey and LOCband Treatment

We self-referred to Catherine after searching on the internet for treatment options for plagiocephaly. Our 5 month old daughter had a visibly misshapen head and face which had developed 2-3 months after birth. We booked an initial consultation in Newcastle at the Osborne Clinic where we were greeted warmly with offers of refreshments after a long journey. On meeting Catherine she became an immediate confidant and the relief of having a professional tell us what was wrong with our daughter, why and how to fix it was indescribable. Catherine diagnosed our daughter with torticollis which made all of her symptoms become clear and was an instant relief.

The LOC band was not pushed upon us, but as we had already been advised by our local hospital of all the previous steps such as tummy time, encouraging her to face the opposite side of the cot etc. this was the next logical step now we had a clear diagnosis. Along with daily exercises taught to us by Catherine, we all agreed that the LOC band was the safest and the best option for our daughter.Catherine supplied us with externally researched evidence based studies to give us a clear picture of how the LOC band worked and pictures highlighting the expected outcome of the LOC band. She also spent a lot of time teaching and encouraging us with the neck muscle stretches needed to aid our daughter’s progression.3D imaging was taken by Catherine which our daughter loved as she got to go in the ‘spinney chair’!!! We then got to choose the LOC band’s exterior pattern and were able to ask any questions we had. We visited Catherine 2 weeks later for the individually made fitting of the LOC band and Catherine made the necessary adjustments. We then attended fortnightly for check-ups, measurements and adjustments for the next 5 months. Our daughter was her normal self whilst in the LOC band, which we named her crown, and in fact after treatment ended, she still snuck into her room and took it off her teddy to try and squeeze in back on!

The results were undeniable and her torticollis was cured using the right techniques taught by Catherine which we still adhere to today. She uses safe, evidence based treatments which equate to a happy, beautiful, perfectly shaped little girl! If we had not self-referred to Catherine and obtained the correct diagnosis and subsequent treatment, her torticollis would have gone undiagnosed and therefore treatment would never have been given and her head and face would still be misshapen, distracting from the beautiful little girl that she is.

Catherine remains a valuable friend and advisory and we will be eternally grateful to her for her honest, friendly, clear and precise diagnosis treatment and advice.

(LOCband Parent)

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