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Cranio Sacral Therapy - Mother and Baby

'I brought my little boy to see Catherine for Cranio Sacral Therapy after 2.5years of terrible sleeping. Being pregnant again I really felt like we had to try something different to try and improve it. He had always been through phases but never slept through the night and at worst could wake over 10 times a night and be very upset for long periods of time. Catherine's approach was so gentle and friendly, she worked with him wherever he wanted to sit, usually on the floor playing with toys or reading books, it was very informal. The Cranio Sacral therapy was very gentle and calming and I felt him become more relaxed with each session, he had 4 in total. Over this couple of months he started waking far less, and when he did wake he would go back to bed a lot more willingly and calmly. Having tried so many things I really believe this was what finally made a difference. He now sleeps through nearly every night.'(Mum Zoe Robertson)

'I first met Catherine when I was at breaking point struggling with my 7 month old son who was waking up to 8 times a night, every single night. I read about craniosacral therapy online and had no idea what it was, but I was willing to try anything at this point! My son, Lewis, had a very swollen head from the vontuse used when he was born, this lasted for around 2 months which I why I felt he may be able to benefit from the treatment. After searching for different therapists in my area I decided Catherine was the one we would visit because of her detailed information about the procedure on The Performance Clinic website.

When we had our first appointment my son had never slept through the night, Catherine explained to me that it could take up to two weeks for any effects to take place. 1 week later my son slept through the night for the first time and then continued to sleep through for 3 days in a row. I was amazed! I never thought it was possible! After months and months of going crazy from sleep deprivation I was so pleased my baby finally had something that worked.

After our second visit to Catherine my son slept through the night on the same day as well as every night for 2 weeks after that (and still going!!). Catherine is a very warm and friendly woman who has been amazing with my son on all of our visits, I am truly astounded at the work she has done, I now have a extremely happy and content baby boy and I am so grateful we found her! Thank you so much!' (Holly Stubbs & Baby Lewis Wilkinson) 

'Sessions with Catherine were calm, relaxed and peaceful. My baby daughter seemed to respond strongly to even a very light touch and over the course of 40 minutes clearly enjoyed the sessions. She was demonstrably calmer after each session.' (Alex Kingsmill-Moore. Baby was treated for colic and reflux)

Cranio Sacral Therapy - Adult

'I found craniosacral therapy was right for me because I found it a gentle and non-invasive form of therapy. I was informed about it beforehand and was open minded about trying it. I can say that it was an amazing sensation each time I had a session. I felt as though I was taken into another dimension, starting at the feet without touching I could feel heat and when she put her hands under my back at certain points I felt as though I was floating on water. The effect of craniosacral therapy on me during the session was that I relaxed like never before and incredibly continued to feel on a natural high of relaxation for a couple of days after. What a stress buster!! I do a busy job and am not used to totally de-stressing. The total relaxation feeling thanks to a great therapist has made me truly see the benefits that I can obtain by introducing craniosacral therapy into my life. Thank you to Catherine who is very professional and does a great job.'(Giulia Gravina)


'Catherine has bought me back to how I was before the accident and I cannot recommend her treatments/exercise suggestions and professional attitude too highly. Your health is your most valuable commodity. With Catherine and the clinic I can honestly say it could not be in better hands' (Clifford Dray)

Plagiocephaly and LOCband

 'The results (LOCband) were undeniable and her torticollis was cured using the right techniques taught by Catherine which we still adhere to today. She uses safe, evidence based treatments which equate to a happy, beautiful, perfectly shaped little girl! If we had not self-referred to Catherine and obtained the correct diagnosis and subsequent treatment, her torticollis would have gone undiagnosed and therefore treatment would never have been given and her head and face would still be misshapen, distracting from the beautiful little girl that she is'. (LOCband Parent)

'Catherine remains a valuable friend and advisory and we will be eternally grateful to her for her honest, friendly, clear and precise diagnosis treatment and advice.'(LOCband Parent)

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